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Floor Repair

Floor Repair
For fast repairs of potholes in most surfaces, great for pothole repair in roads, car parks and tarmac paths.Description:Ready mixed bitumenColour black 25kgProperties:Suitable for wet, cold and hot conditionsNo special preparations, no priming necessaryReady to use - no need to add waterS..
Super-fast repair of holes up to 100mm deep in floors with heavy traffic areas.Description:2-component repair mix ready mixedConsisting of cement and hardenerColour grey25kgProperties:For shallow or deep holes (5mm up to maximum 100mm)Very quick load resistantSelf-levellingDurabl..
Concrete Repair Set 10.100.002 Concrete Repair Set 10.100.002
-28 %
2 PART EPOXY RESIN MORTAR for repair of indoor and Outdoor concrete/stone floors, steps and ramps with heavy traffic.1 x 25kg, 2-component epoxy resin mortarConsisting of epoxy concrete repair mortar and hardenerColour greyCoverage: 10kg =  Approx 1.2 meter square at a thickness ..
£90.00 £125.00
Simple, self levelling, Fast and cost-effective way to a new, high strength and smooth concrete floor. Description:2-component surface repair mixConsisting of cement and hardenerColour greyCoverage: 25kg = Approx 4 4m² at 3mm thicknessProperties:Self-levellingPermanent ..
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