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For Pedestrians Logo Mat

For Pedestrians Logo Mat
For Pedestrians Logo Mat
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  • Model: For Pedestrians floor mat
  • Weight: 5.20kg
  • SKU: 13.312.

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  • Multifunctional doormat and workplace mat with distinct and visible safety signs
  • Loop mat made of PVC with closed back
  • Both sides slip-resistance
  • Framed protective edge to prevent trips
  • Solid-coloured safety signs (not basic surface imprinting)
  • Weight 5 kg (Type Medium), 8 kg (Type Heavy Duty) respectively
  • Thickness 9mm (Type Medium) or 16mm (Type Heavy Duty)
  • Dimensions 90 x 150 cm (portrait format or landscape format)
  • Basic colour black (prohibition and warning signs) or grey (signs giving instructions)
  • Prohibition signs Smoking prohibited"or "Forklifts prohibited"
  • Warning signs "Beware forklifts"or "Beware Slippery Floor"
  • Signs giving orders "Wear hearing protection "or "For pedestrians only"


  • Clean and visually attractive
  • Good absorption of humidity and dirt
  • Suitable for up to 1500 persons/day (Type Medium), 5000 persons/day respectively (Type Heavy Duty)
  • Slip-resistance R10 (BGR 181)
  • Displacement volume V10 (BGR 181)
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Temperature-insulating
  • Sound-damping
  • Applicable on most substrates
  • Excellent wear-resistance (including logo)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Easy cleaning
  • UV-resistant
  • Long-lasting constant visual appearance (including logo)


  • As a doormat in entrances, passages, stock and production areas
  • Type Medium as a fine dirt remover in indoor areas
  • Type Heavy Duty as a fine and coarse dirt remover (indoor and outdoor)
  • Type Medium for moderate up to high traffic
  • Type Heavy Duty for very high traffic
  • Suitable also as an anti-slip mat for areas with slip hazards
  • Suitable also as an anti-fatigue mat on standing work positions

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