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Floor Marking Tapes 75mm x 33m

Floor Marking Tapes 75mm x 33m
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Floor Marking Tapes 75mm x 33m
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  • Model: PVC 75mm Line Marking Tape
  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • SKU: 12.210.

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dmd floor Marking/Warning Tapes are ideal for the marking of routes that must be both flexible and durable. Our Tapes are ideal as they are constantly adapted to the changing demands.


  • PVC film
  • Self-adhesive reverse side without backing film
  • Thickness 0.15mm
  • Available in rolls 75mm wide, 33m long
  • Colours blue, yellow, green, orange, red, black, white, black/yellow striped, red/white striped


  • Bold colours
  • Fast, simple and clean installation
  • Convenient and accurate installation with a tape applicator (see Accessories)
  • No specialist knowledge required
  • Applicable on most substrates
  • Priming on concrete, wood and asphalt floors recommended
  • Easy to clean
  • Installation temperature starting at +12°C
  • Installation conditions: substrate must be dry and clean
  • Can be walked on immediately
  • Load resistance after 6-8hours
  • Maximum adhesion after 72 hours depending on temperature and humidity


  • Bold floor marking
  • For indoor areas
  • For light traffic
  • For clear demarcation and safety at your business site
  • For marking, protecting, guiding, restricting and blocking
  • For marking of storage areas
  • Also for driveway marking according to BGV A 8 (VBG 125)
  • Black/yellow stripes - permanent danger warning
  • Red/white stripes - temporary danger warning (e.g. construction sites, maintenance jobs etc.)

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