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Grip outsoles out perform all other anti-slip products on the market. They are tested and certified to EN20345 SRA & SRB providing a combined rating of SRC.  This is achieved by a combination of special rubber technology and intricate tread patterns which interact with the floor surface to prevent aquaplaning, the main cause of slips under foot. In a similar way to how a good car tyre can dispel rain water as it travels along the road, our tread channels the contaminant into the grooves allowing the rubber to grip the actual floor. Most footwear tends to sit on top of the contaminant often resulting in a slip. It isn't usually the floor that is slippery, it is the contaminant on the floor such as water, grease or oil. A slick car tyre is perfect for a race car on a nice dry road but as soon as the road becomes wet it fails as the liquid has nowhere to go so it forms a barrier between the tyre and the road. A treaded tyre willi channel the contaminant into the grooves and eventually disperse it allowing the tyre to make contact with the road and grip in exactly the same way as our shoes are designed to do.